The Sacred Grounds Cafe

Sacred Grounds Cafe – 2095 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117 (map below)

Impressively shabby, this place is like your favorite, perfectly broken-in, and slightly broken-down, old leather recliner. Although you probably wont fall asleep drooling on yourself here, if you did you wouldn’t be any worse for the wear.  This is what coffee houses used to strive to look like: textured, eclectic, home-spun, brown.

The slick modern-rustic decor that seems to dominate the new coffee houses popping up all over San Francisco right now is at the opposite end of the spectrum. The walls hold a mix of Grateful Dead posters, framed cheap reproductions of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s living room art, Mr. Natural comics (apparently the real Mr. Natural’s music shop is somewhere near by),  and a smattering of historic and Iconic San Francisco photos. You’ve got board games, you’ve got a lending library, you’ve got an open mic night, it is a throwback to when coffeehouses were cool without having to try so hard.

Free Wireless: Yes – No time limit
Refills: Discounted
Food: Yes – standard quality (click for menu)
Price: $  of  $$$
Coffee Method: (Filtered Drip by the pot)
Coffee Favor:

  • Douche Brew
  • Artisan Brew
    • Standard
  • Brown Water
  • Dirty Water

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